Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Program


A Wild Soul, when shared between horse and child, can grow into a lifelong bond, where loving and learning come together to create hope, dreams, and a brighter tomorrow.

What this program has done for my children is priceless. The smiles that come from confidence and love for their new found friends at WSR is incredible. They have gained tools that are not just seen at the stables, they have improved at school, home, and are learning to build trusting relationships with the people they encounter. The healing in their hearts is a priceless blessing that has changed our lives forever....
— Jessica, Wild Souls Ranch parent of two active participants since 2014

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning-

How it works:

Wild Souls Ranch uses the equine experience as a tool for emotional growth and learning. The program is not just limited to the art of riding, but utilizes the task of caring for the horses and the bonds that form through this caring as a means to establish trust, respect, and responsibility. The goal of our program is to motivate, diminish anxieties, develop trust, learn self evaluation, increase self esteem, and develop or enhance socialization skills. Skills naturally evolve for a child who is eager to be with a horse because a horse is extremely "hands on". Because horses are bigger, respect happens naturally, and boundaries and limits make sense. It makes sense to a child to follow directions, do things in a logical sequence, work with the group, finish the job, focus on the task at hand, and trust those who have more expertise. As these critical skills are practiced, rewards for the child happen naturally.

Each Session is 1.5 hours with a trained social worker and equine specialist. The session may be individual or as a group depending on each childs therapeutic goals.