Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Program

“A Wild Soul, when shared between horse and child, can grow into a lifelong bond, where loving and learning come together to create hope, dreams, and a brighter tomorrow.”

At Wild Souls Ranch, we use equine assisted growth and learning as a tool for emotional growth and learning. The goals of our program are to motivate clients, reduce anxieties, develop trust, learn self- evaluation, build self-esteem, and develop or enhance socialization skills. 

Equine assisted growth and learning uses the tasks and routines of riding and caring for horses. Horses are large powerful animals, so respect happens naturally, and appropriate boundaries are physically and emotionally understood.

Wild Souls Ranch is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization based in Humboldt County, California. The youth who attend Wild Souls Ranch come to heal from childhood trauma and benefit from  equine-assisted growth with our herd of eight loving and supportive horses. We serve youth of all ages in the hopes that they will someday become volunteers at Wild Souls Ranch,passing on the tradition of helping others heal with horses.

What this program has done for my children is priceless—the smiles that come from their confidence and newfound friends at WSR is incredible. They have gained tools that are not only at the ranch, but they have improved at school, home, and are learning to build trusting relationships with people they encounter. The healing in their heart is a priceless blessing that has changed our life forever…”” 

- Wild Souls Ranch parent since 2014