Our Herd



Sheza is our 33-year-old American Quarter Horse and the very horse that Savanah McCarty grew up riding as a child. Sheza taught Savanah how to love and laugh again. After being apart for 13 years, Savanah tracked Sheza down to bring her into the Wild Souls Ranch family. The cattle rancher who owned Sheza gladly returned the horse and today, Sheza is back to doing what she does best—loving, healing, and teaching children. Sheza has been a part of our herd since the beginning, March 2013.



Our beautiful mare Isabella has retired from a life of dressage riding after being donated by Sherri Carter of Eureka/Calistoga, CA! Bella is a 20-year-old Arabian/Andalusian and joined the Wild Souls Ranch family in June of 2016.



Kindly donated by Patti Fink of Eureka, CA, Winnie is our 16-year-old Appendix Blue Roan gelding. At just over 17 hands tall, he is a lovable and gentle giant who is happily retired after a life of dressage. Winnie has been a part of the WSR family since June 2017.



Cody was our 14-year-old rescued off the track thoroughbred. He was not cut out to be a racehorse; in his first and only race he finished 10 lengths behind the last horse in the race! Cody loved his new career with WSR, where he enjoyed plenty of attention and carrots from the hands of children who love him. He joined our herd in March 2013 as one of the two horses that started Wild Souls Ranch with Savannah. He healed and touched so many wild souls in his 5 years at the ranch before passing away in February 2019. Cody is greatly missed everyday, but his rescue story and legacy live on. 



Merle Haggard is our 5-year-old mini donkey! We rescued him from a kill pen in Texas, hauling him all the way back to our ranch in Fortuna. Merle brings some south of the border spicy flavor to our herd and we just love the sweet donkey noises he makes as soon as we enter the barn! Merle joined our herd in 2018.



Sassy is our youngest herd member, as well as our smallest! She is a 4-year-old Shetland/Welsh pony with a huge personality! Sassy was recently started on a cattle ranch in Northern California and teaches so much to our intermediate riders about the patience and skill required to ride a young “sassy” horse. Sassy has been a part of our herd since 2017.



Tuff is our 15-year-old American Quarter Horse was generously donated by Paul Traficante of Redding, CA. Tuff is a retired rodeo team roping horse who was also used in reining and cattle ranching. Tuff has been known to have the personality of “Mr. Ed” and loves the kisses and hugs he receives in his new life working with children and living the life of leisure. Tuff has been a part of our herd since November 2014.



Cante, formerly known as Heat, is our matriarch, Shezas, baby. He is a 15-year-old AQHA Blue Roan. Very calm, present, and gentle with the WSR children, Cante has so much of his mom in him. Cante is the Lakota word for “heart” We picked this name because while his mother Sheza will forever be the soul of WSR, Cante is the heart. He joined our herd in February 2017.