Wraparound Story of Hope


At Wild Souls Ranch we offer an Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Focused Wraparound Treatment Program for children and adoptive families experiencing challenges.

Healing is within reach. 


Becky was adopted from foster care at 3-years-old.

Due to the trauma that led Becky to the foster care system, she began having behavioral challenges at home and at school by 11-years-old. Becky’s adoptive family found Wild Souls Ranch and signed her up to work with the team here. The Wild Souls team spent time with Becky and realized that what might help her best would be to enroll her into the Equine Assisted Wraparound Program available at the Ranch for children adopted out of foster care. After an intake was conducted with Becky’s therapist Wild Souls began the State Funded Wraparound Program with Becky and her family.

The Wild Souls Ranch Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Focused Wraparound Program is a child-centered, adoptive family-focused approach to providing care to children and their families who have complex needs, utilizing a combination of supports and professional service providers. Along with our Herd, our service providers include licensed clinical staff, social workers, behavioral aids, and advocates.

At the Ranch, Becky and her family, learned through the horses how to communicate better, self-care, healthy boundaries, and anger management tools.We provided home and school support, peer mentorship, respite nights for her parents, family therapy, community work to assist in fostering her relationship with her neighbors, and a more holistic style of trauma treatment such as neurofeedback and reiki to stay true to the families individual beliefs and culture.

If your adopted child and family are experiencing challenges and are in need of support please contact Wild Souls Ranch today we are accepting new applications now.

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