A healthy, positive supervised visitation experience

Wild Souls Ranch provides supervised child visitation services to assist families going through difficult transitions. The purpose of our supervised visitation program is to provide a place for children to be and feel safe, and where everyone is treated with respect. Wild Souls Ranch provides this service because we believe children have a right to a safe and healthy relationship with their parents. Our program is strengths- based and our main concern is the happiness and safety of all of our children.

Getting Started – Each parent or guardian will set up an individual intake appointment, when we will go over the court order, expectations and concerns, rules of the program and any needs of the child and family to make the visitations safe and successful. We will then discuss the options for the visits based on the situation of the family and develop a schedule. Prior to the first visit, the monitor will also meet with the child and the custodial parent to help the child feel supported and allow them to tell their story. During the Visits – The purpose of the program is to allow for the child and parent to work on their relationship, and to hold a space where the child feels safe to be part of that process. The monitor is a neutral party to this process and unless there are safety concerns, does not interfere with this private time. All visits are documented with written reports sent to each parent following the visit.


Eureka Office – we have a comfortable and quiet centrally located office space near Old Town Eureka. This is where we will do all intakes and, in many cases, the first couple visits.

Wild Souls Ranch – our 17-acre ranch is located near Fortuna. The child and parent can explore the ranch or hang out in our cozy barn doing art projects, games, reading or playing. Our visitation monitor has over 15 years’ experience working with families in crisis and within the family law court system here in Humboldt County.

We are TRUSTLINE approved and registered with the Humboldt County Superior Court.


• $45 Intake Fee per Parent

• $60-120 per hour based on income and location of visits.

• Therapeutic activities with the equine staff are approved on a case by case basis, and are an additional $100 per session

• Late fee is an additional $2.00 per minute, to be added to the bill at the next visit.

• $75/hour for court appearances with 30 day notice that includes ability to bill for prep time. $150/hour for court appearances with less than 30 days notice

• We provide transportation at .60/mile billed from the location of the visit.