Supervised Visitation by Wild Souls Ranch

A healthy, positive experience for families and children



Wild Souls Ranch provides supervised child visitation services to assist families going through difficult transitions. Wild Souls Ranch provides both off-site and on-site visitations at our Eureka office and our ranch near Fortuna. The purpose of our supervised visitation program is to provide a place for children to be and feel safe, and where everyone is treated with respect. Wild Souls Ranch provides this service because we believe children have a right to a safe and healthy relationship with their parents. Our program is strengths-based and our main concern is the happiness and safety of all of our children. 


Our program operates in compliance with all applicable requirements for supervised visitation providers as is defined under Family Code section 3200 and the California Rules of Court. Our focus is, and always will be, the safety and comfort of children.


How to Get Started:


Both parents are required to participate in an intake interview. There is a cash fee of $45.00 (each parent) for the interview that will last for at least one hour. At the intake interview the visitation fee will be agreed upon, all documents will be explained and signed, and an agreement by both parties will be made to proceed with visits.


Fee Schedule;


·      $60-$120 per hour depending on location and activities

·      $100-$150 per hour on holidays

·      Therapeutic activities with the equine staff are approved on a case by case basis, and are an additional $100 per session.


For More information, and to receive an intake packet, please email or call 726-6182.