A Parents Testimony

"Wild Souls Ranch has been a huge part of my children’s life for many months now. I have had my children in many programs to heal from trauma that they have experienced due to the life style I chose for many years. Wild Souls Ranch is different than all of them. My children and I are all members of the Round Valley Indian Reservation.  A year ago I left their father of 9 years, he was very abusive to my children and I.  Our home looked very scary; years of domestic violence and one incident were he was charged with felony child abuse against my two oldest children. He left one child with broken blood vessels in her eye because he hit her so hard and bruises on both of their faces and his continued drug addiction that would cause him in and out of our home for many years. The effects of this trauma has left my children afraid of relationships, sensitive to loud sounds, and most affecting is my children fail to have confidence. I chose to live a very unhealthy life style in front of my children, which I have a lot of guilt for.  I used many programs within Humboldt County to help heal my children, I am an  ICWA advocate, and I am obtaining my Masters of social work  at Humboldt State, so I am very familiar of trauma care for families, but many programs seem to not be reaching my children in a way of healing  until I came across Wild Souls Ranch. What this program has done for my children is priceless, the smiles that come from confidence and love for their new found friends at WSR, is incredible. They have gained tools that are not just seen at the stables, they have improved at school, home, and are learning to build trusting relationships with people they encounter. My children stated that they never want to leave Savanah (WSR director) and the horses, they have found a healing, that I feel is very close to traditional practices of native culture, which my children have been drawn to since day one. I want to thank and support the team at Wild Souls Ranch for all they have done for my children. The healing in their heart is a priceless blessing that has changed our life forever…."

-   Jessica

Mother of two active Wild Souls Ranch participants