Wraparound Program


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Just like a horse embraces you with their love, strength, and support...

Wild Souls Ranch offers intensive “Wraparound” services to children and youth at risk of placement in a higher level of care group home, and to their families. The Wraparound program is strength-based, family-driven, flexible and creative. Our unique equine focus addresses trauma, communication skills, attachment, healthy relationship building, and developing a sense of purpose and strong work ethic; all with the help of our herd of eight loving and supportive horses.

A family-based team addresses the needs of the entire family, not just the at-risk child. This family team consists of family members, family allies, and Wild Souls Ranch clinical facilitators, care coordinators, parent partners, and family assistants or youth partners.

The goal of wraparound is to divert youth away from out-of-home placement options by creating a safe and supportive environment for the youth to thrive in their local community and home.

Our wraparound treatment plan is tailored specifically based on the needs of the child and family and includes the following important therapeutic components:

·       Individual therapy

·       Family therapy

·       Equine Therapy

·       Play Therapy

·       Neuro feedback

·       EMDR

·       Parent partners and parent support groups

·       Parent Equine Assisted Growth and Learning 

·       In-home Behavioral Services

·       Youth Mentors

At Wild Souls Ranch we pride ourselves in offering quality care to the most vulnerable population in our community. We are committed to making a difference in the youth and families we serve.